by zeevo

Teachers are learners alongside children in a home environment
where children are unhurried and have time to
think, talk and learn through play

Planned Programme

To respond to the ever changing needs, interests and abilities of our children we believe the programme needs to be well planned but also flexible and adaptable to ensure we are guided by children's interests. Our open ended play opportunities will allow children to take ownership of their learning, initiate activities, take risks and develop confidence, all while enjoying unhurried periods of uninterrupted play.

Teachable moments

As children explore our stimulating environment, teachers will listen for emerging ideas from their discoveries. These rich learning opportunities are often spontaneous in nature as children and teachers grow and learn together. Real life experiences will form the beginnings of children's understanding of the world, encouraging imagination and creativity.

Core Programme

Our core programme is the daily happenings that occur consistently to provide for our children's learning, growth and well-being.

They include collage/drawing/painting, blocks, puzzles, water play and sand, physical play, nature & science, dress-ups, family & fantasy, carpentry, music & movement, playdough & clay, Te reo, books & literature.......running, climbing, bike riding, making noise, breathing fresh air!