by zeevo

When you hold an infant, hold him not just with your body, but with your mind and heart

Team approach

In our nursery, primary care giving is an understood and valued team approach with teachers committed to the implementation and practice.

With gentle, kind and considered communication, together we will work to form authentic, trusting relationships with each other, our children and families.

Our nursery teachers are warm and welcoming and always have the time to listen as our families share all the things that make your child so special.

Peaceful observation, nurture and care

Your child will experience an environment that is responsive, unhurried, and supported by teachers that understand children’s needs and communication cues. Our teachers are experts at careful observation and understand that both the characteristics of the age and stage and children’s individual personality make the ‘whole’ child. Children will be supported by warm, kind, empathetic teachers who are patient, gentle and have a sense of humour.

Freedom of movement

Your child will experience freedom of movement with time and space to move and develop at a natural pace. Our beautiful home like environment is safe and interesting providing uninterrupted time to explore, by connecting your child with ways that emotionally and intellectually support their own learning and discoveries. Special attention is given to routine times to provide one-on-one uninterrupted care and attention. Our routines are supported as valuable learning time where children and primary caregivers are engaged together. The comfort and pleasure of the experience for children is felt and valued by teachers and children.